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excerpt Jarry Unchained by Sin Sin Collective

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thanks Amsterdam.Info for keeping your finger on the pulse of Amsterdam's Underground Scene
Formed as a reaction to more commercial festivals, such as the Amsterdam Fringe Festival that takes place at the same time, the Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam aims to bring some of the city’s truly unusual and underrated acts to the stage. Organised and performed entirely by volunteers, there is no…

Paul Levy's Review of Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam

See Paul Levy recomendations at Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam on Fringe Theatre Review U.K - Thanks for the plug Paul !
'Welcome to our coverage of the Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2014. The Free Fringe is full of variety, experimation, multi-media, in eclectic venues and loaded with creative edge. There's also plenty of potential interest to Fringe theatre goers.. . . '
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Jarry Unchained by Sin Sin Collective

Jarry Unchained by Sin Sin Collective at De Vondelbunker 12-14 September.
Through comedy, songs, dance, projections and puppets, Sin Sin Collective tells the story of the life and works of Alfred Jarry, impoverished 
 fin de siècle Bohemian, singular seminal artist and self desructive hedonist. 

Cast & Credits
Mark Christoph Klee -  Alfred Jarry/Choreography
Dorothy Heady-Carroll - La Fée Verte/Ruby
Ton Haas - Professor Achras
Roberto Bacchilega - Pa Ubu
Sam Heady - Ma Ubu/Babette/Demon
Daniel Rakish – Palcontent/Pablo Picasso
Erik van Wees - The Conscience
Lorna Buckley – Demon
Silvia Terribili – Demon
Claudio Sanzana – Lighting
Martin Millband – Max Jacob/Guitar/Sound Engineer
Martin Carroll – Ukulele/Visuals/Music Composer
David Rothschild – Euphonium/Trombone
Gino Calenda – Design
Set Design – Tatteljee
Directed by Sam Heady
Written by - Sin Sin

Dead Birds

Dead Birds by Silke Mehler & Simone Heijloo in Vondelpark

Sin Sin Acoustic at Free Fringe Comedy Night at De Nieuwe Anita

Piranha Improvisatietheater at Free Fringe Comedy Night at De Nieuwe Anita

Joost & Ton wove their magic from topics suggested by the audience -
so you could say the audience got what they deserved !
It was a brilliant night of entertainment

Ryan Millar & Friends at Free Fringe Comedy Night at De Nieuwe Anita

The Private Detective trying to solve the mystery of the missing Bourbon bottle

Life is Tango - Tango is Life - We hear you Ryan ! 

Grandmother's White Hair

Performed by Malin Gebken, Ilse Van Haastrecht & Sayaka Akitsu
with music by Douwe Smit at De Nieuwe Anita

The Wandering Jew by Sieger Baljon

One potential audience member asked me But is he a JEW ? I wasn't sure what to answer or what difference it would make to her so I told her what I told everyone that would listen that this promenade theatre piece with music was BRILLIANT and that Sieger Baljon's performance enthralled even casual passers by as he brought the audience through Vondelpark unravelling stories, songs and reflections as he went.


Cupidorossi drew a crowd of admirers from Vondelpark. No-one could resist his charm.

Music Night at The Butcher's Tears

It was a noisy crazy night at The Butcher's Tears. All we have to show for it is this footage of The Doppelgangers captured by Boudewijn Ruckert and even he got the title wrong - it's Asleep Inside A Dead Horse. But that's live performance - you had to be there. 

Piazza del Popolo 05/09/2014

Piazza del Poppolo at De Vondelbunker
by Theatre Collective “Quelli di Astaroth”

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

De Vondelbunker is a Hard Mistress . . .

The first weekend of Free Fringe was amazing and overwhelming. De Vondelbunker is a hard mistress and so the crew are bunged up with what has become known as 'bunker crud'.We will update the blog soon with the best of the images and footage harvested from many of the shows and performances. But for now we are still digesting it all ! And if you weren't there - well, tough you missed it! There is more free fun to come - check for details at the Festival website

Saturday, 30 August 2014

SPOILERS ! Snaps from this week's rehearsals of Jarry Unchained

Ubu's Conscience gets out of the suitcase

Mark Christoph Klee as Alfred Jarry
Ma & Pa Ubu menace Professor Achras

Don't know what this is -
you'll have to see the show to find out September 12-14 at De Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 8a, Amsterdam