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7 September was indeed a day to remember - thanks to everyone who came along to be a part of WARP ZONE, FAY'S FILM FESTIVAL & THE HELLFIRE CLUBIf you weren't there, here's what you missed !
Comics, posters, paper-craft, 3D printed models Bead-art and a collectors corner with many rare and much sought after titles were quickly snapped up by discerning punters
In the Arcade Freak-Show, games, games and more games
The Residents Bad Day On The Midway gets lots of attention
The museum section of the exhibition received great interest from the flocks of nerds and geeks and normal people too. On the wall were included drawings by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening, Toru Iwatani  (the guy who invented PacMan), an original drawing from the Japanese Anime masterpiece Akira and a large piece from the creator of Spyro Charles Zembillas.
the afternoon set from WISEFIRE
FAY'S FILM FESTIVAL was well attended by those curious to see the cutting-edge of animation and film. Most of what was shown had not been screened before. Some of the films, indeed, were  receiving their world premiere at the Free Fringe. With artists representing many countries including Japan Holland and France it served as a glimpse into the very best of the latest.
Kimono play
THE HELLFIRE CLUB IN DE BUNKER : PART 1 Saturday 7 September from 20:30
Party night tonight !
And kicking it off was the amazing

AQUATRONIXXX pull the pin out of the grenade
Volga, Andrea and Christian set the night on fire with their tribal beats and stinging riffs. Brutally honest and as true as 3 chords AQUATRONIXXX  were a perfect opening toa night of diverse acts and performers. 

Andrea solos on her paddle
'We might all be up shit creek but at least  I’ve got a paddle'


Ryan takes to the stage with his hilarious improv show THE PITCH
photos  Ed Calderhead

Brilliantly funny Ryan took suggestions from the audience and wove a movie-pitch out of thin air. Asking an audience for suggestions is an incredibly dangerous thing to do. With really dumb suggestions from a pretty rough audience and one garrulous Irish heckler to deal with, Ryan still managed to make a silk-purse out of a sow’s ear, even making it look easy. Impov is a tightrope and Ryan works without a net.

Ryan brings The Heckler to the stage and stabs him through the heart
with a sharpened mushroom


Out of nowhere comes a woman. There's no smoking allowed !
She has a poem and she's not afraid to read it. 

George Dean in THE NEW BIKE

Sin Sin Collective freaked everyone out with their disturbing comedy inspiredby a story by Frans Kafka. Wonderfully weird.

Grainne Delaney, Sam Heady and George Dredd in Sin Sin Collective's THE CROSSBREED
Performing twice on Saturday 7 September - Noora's outdoor piece, THE PARK, presented in the afternoon sunshine of De Vondeltent, began the day . . . 

Noora Hannula in THE PARK
. . . and in the evening, like a candle in the dark, Noora  enthralled everyone at De Vondelbunker with her second piece, WHITE NOISE. 

Fellow dancers Anni & Moreno received one of the biggest cheers of the night when they got down & dirty (I really mean it - that floor is filthy) in their brilliant, ephemeral piece about relationship, O SOLITUDE 

During a technical malfunction Rap artists from THRIVE and DE RUS rock De Bunker with some free-styleTHRIVE
THE DOPPELGANGERS paused for a picnic during their set but their music, visuals and shenanigans continued

WISEFIRE opened the musical acts earlier in the afternoon and now he closes the show with a banging set from his fuckin’ DS Nintendo!  Fantastic ! What a day - thanks everyone.

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