Saturday, 9 August 2014

Must see production : Jarry Unchained at Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam



Set in his Paris garret on the last day of his life, Jarry Unchained is a play by Sin Sin Collective about the life, work and significance of Alfred Jarry (1873 -1907). A key figure in fin de siècle Paris, Jarry was a Bohemian author, self-destructive hedonist and seminal influence in the development of Absurdism, Dada and The Surreal. This precocious artist, and rigorous eccentric was constructing cardboard costumes and having his characters exclaim ‘Shite’ on the Paris stage of the 1890s. ‘After us the savage God’ wrote Yeats having attended the infamous opening night riot of Ubu Roi. In the words of Jarry himself, ‘Screw good taste’.
Known for their pan-media Theatre shows, Sin Sin Collective’s new play is a pan-genre exploration of their subject. The result is a kaleidoscope of Theatrical and Musical styles blending Modern Theatre Dance, Improvisation, Comedy, Animation, Mask, live music and spectacular stage effects into a single narrative.
In Jarry Unchained, Alfred Jarry is visited on his deathbed by many of the characters from his distinctive cannon. The play deals with the artist’s dilemma of using his own life and even misfortunes as creative fuel. The play celebrates the glory of Jarry’s creative tour de force, and is seamlessly interwoven with still fresh and hilarious characters and scenes adapted from his plays Ubu Roi, Ubu Cuckolded and Ubu Enchained.
The academic, Professor Achras, leads us into Jarry’s life and significance via Jarry’s Time Machine and the power of Pataphysics Jarry’s baffling ‘science of imaginary solutions’.
Supported by gorgeous music & visuals, virtuoso dance performances and an accomplished cast this is the must see production.
(100 minutes)

by Sin Sin Collective
at De Vondelbunker
Vondelpark 8a, Amsterdam
Friday 12th September 20:00
Saturday 13th September 20:00
Sunday 14th September 15:00
Cast & Credits
Mark Christoph Klee -  Alfred Jarry/Choreography
Dorothy Heady-Carroll - La Fée Verte/Ruby
Ton Haas - Professor Achras
Roberto Bacchilega - Pa Ubu
Sam Heady - Ma Ubu/Babette/Demon
Daniel Rakish – Palcontent/Pablo Picasso
Erik van Wees - The Conscience
Lorna Buckley – Demon
Silvia Terribili – Demon
Claudio Sanzana – Lighting
Martin Millband – Max Jacob/Guitar/Sound Engineer
Martin Carroll – Ukulele/Visuals/Music Composer
David Rothschild – Euphonium/Trombone
Gino Calenda – Design
Set Design – Tatteljee
Directed by Sam Heady
Written by - Sin Sin

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