Saturday, 31 August 2013

Right now, as you can well imagine, the teams about the city that are working in preparation for this year’s productions are moving it up a gear as the Free Fringe Festival prepares for launch. Arranging the first WARPZONE  : VIDEO GAME ART SHOW is Molly, a student of Game Design. She knows well the industry but has a special interest in 8-bit games and will also be exhibiting 3D printed vinyl models that she has designed. We went to see her recently to ask how she's getting on.
How are things going with Warp Zone?
It’s the first year so there’s a lot to organize and keep in mind. I’m pretty tired and stressed. I've been planning this thing for about three months now. The closer it gets, however, the more excited I am. I just hope people come and it doesn't suck. :P
What can we expect at Warp Zone?
I’m hoping it will be an event that brings people together. I want Warp Zone to be a place for gamers/art lovers to congregate and be a platform for artists who don’t really have a scene that embraces their work. Scott C. (one of my favorite artists) once said something along the lines of: “We didn't have a scene so we started our own.” I was inspired by that way of thinking and decided to organize Warp Zone. During Warp Zone, I also want to introduce people to games they may not know about. There is a section called “Freakshow Arcade” which includes a select few odd and unusual games. I love games that walk on the weird side. It’s a similar appeal that B-Movies have. It’s a chance to experience something you don’t see every day!

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